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Local Building Surveyors

Local Building SurveyorsLocal Building Surveyors is a price comparison and lead generation website for RICS Chartered Surveyors.

We first developed our system for this website, but from the outset we knew that we wanted to create a core system that could be expanded other industries and other markets. Version 1 was launched in 2011, and has become one of the leading websites in the property surveying sector. Since launching Local Building Surveyors has generated survey fees estimated to be in excess of £8 million for its subscribers.

The pricing module for this site allows for searches for priced services, including the 'standard' RICS surveys, together with unpriced 'general practice' services, such as negotiating party wall agreements, commercial property services. Users of the site receive up to a set maximum number search results including survey quotes where applicable, these are emailed back to the user, and the leads are sent to the surveyors for following up, which is one of the core attributes of our system.

Subscribing surveyors have complete control over which survey types to offer, their pricing, and the postcodes where they wish to offer their services.


Local Home Conveyancing

Local Home ConveyancingLocal Home Conveyancing does much the same job for conveyancers as Local Building Surveyors does for surveyors.

The site uses the same core subscriber functionality, but with some significant differences to the pricing module. Conveyancers can select fee rates, standard disbursements, and add custom disbursements to create a complete end-to-end conveyancing quote for home sale, purchase, and sale and purchase.

There are some other customisations specific to the conveyancing market but all core features are the same.


Local Mortgage Advisors

Where Local Mortgage Advisors differs from both LBS and LHC, is that there is no price comparison module, so this is the closest to a 'plain vanilla' version of our system.

All the core elements are there: the subscriber manager, the servicves manager, and postcode manager. The localisation filter is in place so that local advisors still get priority in results so users will get results for truly local mortgage advisors.

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