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About our system

Our system is designed to provide lead generation businesses with the tools to generate leads, based on offering and postcode. It is a highly flexible system, that can be customised to suit most markets.

It has been extensively proven and tested in the home moving market, where it has generated millions of pounds worth of fees for subscribers.

The system is designed with localisation in mind - system owners can add services they want to make available for their subscribers to offer, and the subscribers can choose which services to offer and which postcodes they wish to offer them.

It provides a complete web-based control panel for subscribers, together with a signup wizard that allows the easy recruitment of service providers.

Through the control panel subscribers can control their account: company profile, local offices, services offered, pricing (where applicable), and their postcode coverage. They can also pause individual services, or pause their entire account, depending upon their work-load.

The pricing model is 'pay-as-you-go' - subscribers are only charged for the leads they receive, but other options are also available.

The 'front-end' is in the form of a widget that can be embedded in virtually any website, making it easy to implement on an existing site, and easy to extend the reach by adding the widget to partner / affiliate sites.

We can also provide a complete front end website where required, and full customisation of both front and back end systems, including styling of the front end widgets, so they can be deployed seamlessly in partner sites.